Cornelio Closa, the disappearing boy

The story of the invisible boy is true. It is a story to which I was intimately related. It is about a young Filipino boy who was tormented by an alien entity for more than a year.

This spirit would cause him to disappear from a classroom at school or from his home. Cornelio’s father would nail the doors and windows shut, but Cornelio did not need natural openings to get in and out of the house.

Because of his disappearing from the classroom, the boy’s school teacher had a nervous breakdown and never recuperated sufficiently to teach again. I have personally talked to her and Cornelio’s parents. I also visited Cornelio’s home. I hired people to check out the validity of this story, including policemen who took signed affidavits about it. We investigated the whole matter very carefully. We didn’t want the slightest possibility of falsehood or misrepresentation in it, because we made a film of it. It is surely one of the most well-documented cases in our files.

It is interesting to note that a religious leader, Rev. H. A. Baker, traveled from the United States to the Philippines to verify the facts of this case. They were unbelievable to him. But after talking to all of those involved and establishing the facts, he wrote me and said: ‘Unbeknown to you, I visited the Philippines. I contacted Cornelio, the school teacher, the parents and their neighbors. I discovered that it is absolutely true what you describe about this miracle’.

He went on to state: ‘No doubt, this is the greatest miracle outside of the Bible, and as great as any miracle in the Bible’.

Mr. Closa, Cornelio’s father and a retired U. S. Navy man, told me: ‘The first time I noticed something wrong with Cornelio he stayed out late from school. When he came home, he looked troubled and silent.

‘When I asked for an explanation of where he had been and who was with him, he would not answer. When I insisted, he growled at me. I took hold of him, but he struggled against my hold and I had to let him go. Then I realized that my son was not himself. He was fighting me for the first time.

It hurt me because Cornelio had not been a particularly affectionate child. He not only resisted me, but I remember he snarled at me like an animal. I was at a complete loss. I did not know what was happening to Cornelio’.

This all happened when Cornelio was about 13 years old. Cornelio’s mother remembers: ‘With every passing day Cornelio became less manageable. I tried everything. I was kind to him. I tried being harsh with him. All I knew was that I had lost control of him. I thought probably it was the bad company he was keeping, so I decided to practically imprison him at home. Cornelio refused to study his lessons. He would sit in one corner of his room, alone, brooding. He would just sit there staring at his plate, refusing to eat.

One evening Cornelio looked particularly flushed and sick. With the doors and windows locked in the house, Cornelio vanished into thin air, right before my eyes! I was horrified!’

How it started

Cornelio and a friend were walking home one afternoon cutting across a large open space. Suddenly Cornelio stopped. His eyes were bulging out of their sockets. He was pointing ahead. He said: ‘See the girl in a long white dress? She is beautiful. She is calling me’. Cornelio left his friend and walked forward. Suddenly his friend saw Cornelio disappear from sight. The frightened boy ran home.

‘Cornelio began to cause disturbances in school’, his teacher told me. ‘The strange thing about these fights was that Cornelio, as small as he was, would take on three or four boys larger than himself and together the larger boys could not hold him down. He had superhuman strength.

A few days later, I called him to the front of the class to give the lesson. He went to the blackboard, stood there for a few moments, and then simply evaporated’.

His teacher continued: ‘I was terribly affected by these happenings in my class. I decided before I lost my mind completely, I should resign. I remember how the chain of events made Cornelio laugh and laugh. It was a hideous kind of laugh. It didn’t belong to a boy. In fact, it didn’t belong to a human being’.

Cornelio said: ‘Sleep for me was almost impossible. I was never left to myself. I would perspire profusely. It seemed as if my clothes were burning. Then if I would open my eyes, there would be the face of my friend, looking at me, beckoning me to follow her. Every time her hands touched me I would feel as if I were floating on air. Then I would be gone from home for days. I could not explain to my family just what was wrong. The girl made me promise I would not tell. I just felt tremendous heat in my body.

Whenever anyone, and that included my parents, spoke to me I would answer rudely or shout. I did not want to snarl, but I could not help myself. If my father punished me, I would fight back. I knew I was displeasing him, but I did not seem to care.

When no one bothered with me in the house, I would just sit and wait. I did not know why, but I was just waiting for the girl. Many times we would go to the movies and I knew no one could see us.

Some other times we would eat at restaurants, and when the time came to have to pay, we would conveniently disappear.

When I was sure no one could see me, I would hide my father’s glasses. Without his glasses, my father could not see his hand in front of his eyes. When my parents looked hard enough, they would find their things in the oddest places. When father found his glasses on the transom, he also found his slippers which I had hidden more than a week before.

With all the traveling that I was doing, I suppose we became very hungry. In the morning the family would find the refrigerator absolutely empty. This was not helping my father’s blood pressure. They were sure their invisible boy had been there because the table had been set for two.

Once my parents forgave me, but then I began stealing money from them. I began taking money from neighbors, even strangers. If I was caught, I fought back.

I was becoming sickly and pale. I was hungry but I could no longer eat. I would put food in my mouth and I would spit it out. I began breaking dishes and glasses. I wanted to break and smash anything I touched. I knew father was at his wit’s end. He tried talking to me once more, but I refused to answer. I pretended to be feeling ill. Then I leaped suddenly in a wild, uncontrolled manner. Father thought I was insane, so he took me to the mental hospital for a check-up.

We baffled the people at the hospital. The doctors were kind; but while they talked to me about being a good boy, I don’t think I was listening.

Next, father brought me to the correctional institution for juvenile delinquents. Here, I immediately caused trouble. I fought everyone, even the officials. Because of my violent temper, I was often roped to my bed.

Finally I was returned to my home. My parents seemed to have resigned themselves to living with a monster’.

This went on for one entire year, with the situation becoming worse and worse. The parents told me that the whole family would be in the front room of their home and their children would be down on the floor playing. Suddenly, with everybody looking, Cornelio would just disappear. The other children would start coughing and vomiting because of the stench that he would leave behind. When he disappeared, he might be gone for two days or more. Then he might just appear again in bed asleep. He would come in the house without using windows or doors. He would just suddenly be there.

A ray of hope

‘A ray of hope dawned’, says Cornelio, ‘when a Methodist pastor came to see my father on business and stayed for lunch. It gave my father a chance to ask him how I could be helped with my problem. The pastor took a long look at me, and I scowled at him. I was sure my father was very displeased at the way I was behaving in front of his friend.

I could hear evil laughter outside the house. It was the alien entity. It was the voice of the girl saying I should run away. The pastor told my father he knew someone who would help me, someone who had helped others. He said I needed help badly and that I had to be prayed for immediately. He told me the devil himself was in my body.

My parents brought me to church to see Lester Sumrall. The pastor met us there. I was very uncomfortable and wanted to run away.

The girl made her appearance just outside the church door. She looked different, not pretty anymore, she looked ugly. When she motioned to me, I hid my face. I looked again and she had transformed into something positively horrible and she did not look like a girl, or a woman.

Reverend Sumrall spoke to the Methodist minister and asked: ‘Pastor, what’s wrong with this boy?’

The pastor said: ‘He runs away and disappears’.

‘Well, when I was a boy, I used to run away too, but I got a spanking for it’.

‘He’s different’, the pastor responded, ‘He may disappear right out of my hands’.

‘Then it’s the devil’s power’, Reverend Sumrall said. ‘I will pray for him’.

‘Lord Jesus, we plead Thy holy blood. We command the devil to come out of him. We break the devil’s power that this devil can get him no more. May he be surrounded with the blood of Jesus Christ. Be free in Jesus Christ’s Name. I believe it. Amen’.

Then Reverend Sumrall said to me: ‘Look up here. Smile. May Christ’s blood surround you. The spirit cannot make you disappear again as long as you live’.

I felt cleansed, purified, and my body was mine again. I joined my parents. And as the song in church rose in glory, I took my place with the people.

Reverend Sumrall reminded me that there was truly much to be thankful for. I had been in the house of the devil and enslaved to him. Through his help, Jesus Christ and all His power had made me whole and good again. By the blood of Jesus Christ, by His power without measure and without end, He had saved me from eternal damnation’.


This was Cornelio’s witness and testimony. But this is not the end of the story. I always follow up situations like this. I never leave such people on their own after their deliverance. If you do that, you will lose the battle for sure.

The next day I took a pastor with me and we went to the boy’s home. We looked at Cornelio. He had not disappeared again. He never did disappear again. We prayed over him once more.

Even though he was just a youngster of 13 or 14, I began to teach him about God. I read to him in the Bible where people were delivered from demon power by the power of God. I told him the thing that had possessed him was nothing but a demon.

He said: ‘I believe it now because I saw her face. Otherwise I thought she was an angel. But when I saw her face the last time, it was so demonic, so angry, so hateful. I was so afraid I even put my hands up in front of my face that I might not see her again’.

I talked to the parents. I got them down on their knees. They came through to a beautiful and wonderful salvation. After that they never left our church but worshipped with us all the time.

The boy grew up to be a man in that Christian home. The thing never did torment him again.

From: Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm, printed in the USA by Whitaker House (PA), 1995, pages 141-148


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