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Tithe rap among Baptists

Tithe rap at First Baptist Church in Snellville, Georgia (USA). These people do not know the Scriptures, nor the fear of God. Read my article ‘Why tithing is not mandatory for Christians’

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Why tithing is not mandatory for Christians

Many Churches teach that tithing is still mandatory. The Southern Baptist churches: we read in The Baptist Faith and Message (1963) the following statement: ‘God is the source of all blessings, temporal and spiritual; all that we have and are … Continue reading

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The ‘prosperity message’ refuted

A peculiar and seductive message is being proclaimed by many preachers all over the world: this message is called ‘prosperity message’. The best known proponents of the ‘prosperity message’ are: Kenneth Hagin, late pastor of the Rhema Church in Tulsa, … Continue reading

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