Leroy Thompson: Money cometh to me!

This man is an impostor, a servant of Mammon. Beware of him.

About giacintobutindaro

I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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2 Responses to Leroy Thompson: Money cometh to me!

  1. Chris says:

    The preaching is heretical because the outcome is that the people clearly see God primarliy as a cosmic slot machine….ie one who we can get rich by as long as we bribe His servant. …the preacher.

    Very sad to see so few preachers worldwide speaking out against deceptions like this.

  2. Jenny Schauer says:

    Wanted to thank you for posting this as I’ve recently recognized how much the church/body of Christ has become incredibly obsessed about money and prosperity. Cosmic slot machine reminds me of the movie the secret it’s the same concept just repackaged. Thanks again for sharing it really blessed me and also just re-affirmed what I felt the father was saying to me as well.

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