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Todd Bentley ‘baptizes’ people

Here is how Todd Bentley ‘baptizes’ people. How can some Christians still follow such a man, full of every deceit and wickedness? Beware of him, and have nothing to do with such a man.

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Tribal Dance during Lakeland ‘revival’

Worship leader at Lakeland “revival” dances around stage, then mimes shooting gun at audience. This king of conduct is of the devil. Beware of those who approve such things.

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Todd Bentley’s Power Hug

Beware of Todd Bentley, for he is an impostor.

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Seducing spirits at work in the Church

Seducing spirits are at work in the Church, and many of these seducing spirits can be seen working in the so called ‘Toronto Blessing’ and ‘the Lakeland revival’. This shocking documentary proves this. Therefore brothers, beware of those who wants … Continue reading

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