77-Foot Cross Raised to ‘Lift Up Christ’

Pentecostal preacher Max Greiner wants to draw people to Christ. That’s why he built a $2 million, 77-foot cross that was raised on 27 July, 2010, along Interstate 10 in Kerrville, Texas.

“I’m trying to use the gifts and talents He gave me to lift up Jesus Christ before the world,” Greiner said.

The cross is part of a 23-acre Sculpture Prayer Garden Greiner is building near Kerrville. The garden will include picnic areas and walking trails but will also present the gospel through donated artwork, including a replica of Greiner’s 18-foot The Coming King sculpture, which sits outside Trinity Broadcasting Network’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif.

The building of this cross was a waste of money, time and energies, and above all a violation of the Word of God, which prohibits us to make idols.

Giacinto Butindaro


About giacintobutindaro

I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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