Against martial arts


Martial arts is a term that applies to all forms of combat-techniques, whether the more popular oriental forms such as tai chi chuan, karate, aikido, judo, and jujitsu, or the Western forms such as fencing, boxing, and archery. This writing of mine is concerned with the Oriental martial arts, which are so widespread also in the West and which are practiced even by many Christians all over the world.

First of all let me say something about the name ‘martial arts.’ All the oriental combat-techniques are called martial arts because they are ‘of warfare’ or ‘suitable for warfare’ (that’s the meaning of the word martial), and they are not merely combat-techniques but also an expression of an eastern spiritual philosophy (that’s why they are referred to as ‘arts’).

Let us now speak briefly about some of the most famous martial arts.

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art. The term ‘Taiji’ means ‘the cosmos’, and ‘quan’ is the short form for ‘quan fa’ which means ‘fist techniques’ and refers to what westerners today would term as kungfu. So Tai Chi Chuan can mean ‘supreme ultimate fist.’ The real origins of Tai Chi Chuan are obscure. Many attribute it to a 15th century Taoist priest named Chang Shanfeng.

Tai Chi Chuan is composed of a series of movements or forms. These movements flex joints and muscles throughout the body, which in turn massage various acupuncture points (Chi channels) and organs within the body. This helps promotes the flow of Chi energy within the body. Yes, because this martial art is based on the Chinese concept of the vital energy called ‘chi’ or ‘ki’, which pervades all universe. So, through a series of breath control exercises and techniques the practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan seek to ‘collect, cultivate, and store’ the chi force. In other words, their aim is to improve the flow and strength of their Chi energy. Tai Chi Chuan was created with the basic intention of strengthening internal Chi. With a stronger Chi, and with the ability to direct at will (most practitioners testify that they can feel the Chi flowing through their body and are able, to varying degrees, to direct this flow), the practitioner can concentrate Chi at one point of his or her body when attacked, making this point stronger and less susceptible to injury. When the internal force is delivered during an attack, the power releases is very great.

The advocates of Tai Chi Chuan claim that this martial art promotes physical, emotional and mental health, and in addition to this it leads to spiritual fulfilment. There are many and varied forms of spiritual fulfilment. From the Taoist perspective, which constitutes the underlying philosophy in Tai Chi Chuan, these many and varied forms of spiritual fulfilment can be categorized into three major levels: 1) attaining good health and longevity in this life; 2) become a saint or an immortal; 3) attaining the Tao, which is expressed in other cultures as attaining Buddhahood, union with Brahman, return to God.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art which was founded in 1942 by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). Aikido does not have an attack form. The practitioners of Aikido, therefore, do not kick, punch, or in any other manner, attempt to hurt their opponents. This martial art employs a series of flowing circular movements – in conjunction with locking, holding, moving, and tumbling techniques – to turn an opponent’s force against himself. In other words, the aikido practitioner concentrates on deflecting blows and checking offensive attacks by meeting, rather than blocking, a blow, and redirecting the flow of an opponent’s ki (energy force), dissipating it, and then using joint manipulation (wrists elbows or shoulders) to turn the opponent’s ki against him until he is thrown or pinned. As for the meaning of Aikido, ai means ‘to gather or harmonize’; ki is the universal life energy; do means ‘an artful path of discovery; so aikido means ‘an artful path of discovering how to gather and harmonize the energy of the universe,’ or ‘the way of harmony with ki.’ As it can be seen, aikido also is based on the concept of the Chi or Ki energy which pervades the universe. The goal of this martial art, according to Morithei Ueshiba, is ‘the unification of the fundamental creative principle, ki, permeating the universe, and the individual ki, inseparable from breath-power, of each person’ (Kisshomaru Ueshiba, The Spirit of Aikido, trans. Taitetsu Unno – Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1987 -, 15. See also Draeger, Modern Bujutsu and Budo, 137-62)

Karate (‘empty hand’) is a form of fighting that started on the island of Okinawa in the 1600s. Recognized for its devastating array of hand and foot strikes, karate is characterized by its demanding regimen of rigorous physical conditioning, concentrated breathing exercises, and repetitive rehearsals of blocking, striking, and breaking techniques (for breaking boards, bricks, and the like). Karate is strictly linked with Zen Buddhism. Masatatsu Oyama says: ‘Always more vital to karate than technique or strength is the spiritual element that lets you move and act with complete freedom. In striving to enter the proper frame of mind Zen meditation is of great importance …. The man who wants to walk the way of karate cannot afford to neglect Zen and spiritual training.’ (Masatatsu Oyama, Vital Karate – Tokyo: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., 1983 – p. 8); and Daeshik Kim and Tom W. Leland affirm. ‘Karate is a mental and moral exercise, indeed, almost a spiritual experience. In each practice session there is a concerted effort to unite mind, spirit and body just as Bodhidharma sought to do with Zen priests almost 2,000 years ago.”(Daeshik Kim and Tom W. Leland, Karate And Personal Defense – Dubuque, Iowa: Wm. C. Brown Co., 1971 -, p. 4); ‘Karate is Zen — so says Oyama and many other karate masters. Zen is a school of Buddhism that has been called the Religion of Immediate Reality. The aim of Zen is to awaken the student to his true self and thus bring about a high degree of self knowledge through inward meditation. Zen students seek peace of mind through an enlightened awakening of an intuitive wisdom which they feel is dormant now in all people. Zen meditation tries to achieve ‘no mindedness’ which may be acquired by concentration and special breathing exercises which are taught to advanced karate students. Karate when combined with Zen meditation can appreciably assist the student’s quest for peace of mind and equanimity in the face of conflict and tension.”(Ibid., p. 5). In other words, the aim of Zen is the emptying of the mind which brings about a feeling of union with the universe. This spiritually unified state is a non-dualistic state of mind in which the distinction between subject and object is no more and the practitioner feels to be one with ‘the absolute.’

It is true that not all karatekas practice Zen Buddhism as such, however, some impact of the Zen philosophy is made upon every student of the art of karate, and in addition to this it must be said that to practice karate successfully, it is essential that a karateka cultivate spiritual power through concentration, and the basic element of this power is ki. In other words, he cannot ignore the spiritual implications. Hear what Tom Harris says about the way karate works: ‘Ki is an amorphous, undefinable force, but it is generally described as the energy of life itself. It binds all living things together and gives each person his or her spiritual, physical and mental power. In most schools, beginning karatekas won’t worry too much about ki. They focus mainly on proper technique and breathing exercises. But in these basic activities, they are laying the groundwork for later ki exercises. Through the power of ki, a karateka can break through concrete blocks as if they were made of paper. As karatekas develop heightened physical control, they become more aware of the seat of ki in their body. With concentration, karatekas can move their ki up and down, so their source of energy is higher and lower. Experienced karatekas generally center their ki, in order to achieve maximum balance and power. Ki is absolutely crucial in the higher levels of karate: It gives masters the power they need to break blocks and topple much larger opponents.’ Furthermore, it must be said that the term ‘Kiai’, the karate shout of power is formed from ‘Ki’ the symbol for spirit or energy, and ‘ai’ the symbol for a meeting or union. The shout of power is but the product of the union of body mind and spirit. The Kiai is the release of energy from the Hara, located two inches (three fingers) below the navel. Ki is released through kiai. As you can see, only a small part of the karatekas’ ability to perform seemingly superhuman feats comes from physical power, for the main source of their ability is spiritual.

Judo (the ‘gentle way’) is a martial art derived from Jujutsu. It was created by Professor Jigoro Kano who was born in Japan in 1860 and who died in 1938 after a lifetime of promoting Judo. In 1964 men’s Judo competition became a part of the Olympics, the only eastern martial art that is an official medal sport. In 1992 Judo competition for women was added to the Olympics. Judo is practiced on mats and consists primarily of throws (nage-waza), along with katame-waza (grappling), which includes osaekomi-waza (pins), shime-waza (chokes), and kansetsu-waza (armbars). Additional techniques, including atemi-waza (striking) and various joint locks are found in the judo katas. Judo is generally compared to wrestling but it retains its unique combat forms. Judo also has a spiritual aspect, for its purpose is the perfection of man. Jigoro Kano said: ‘Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defenses it refines your body and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of Judo a part of your very being. In this way you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world. This is the final goal of Judo discipline.’ What about the Ki energy then? Do judokas use and develop Ki energy? Yes, they do, even though Judo texts do not speak of the Japanese concept of ki energy. Listen what is written in the book History of Kodokan Judo: ‘Typically, Judo texts do not reference the Japanese concept of Ki. This oddly distinguishes Judo from virtually all of the other Japanese martial arts, at least in the textbook area, particularly Aikido and Kendo. Yet, ‘Judo theory and training make implicit assumptions concerning this principle.’ This seeming absence of an important martial concept from Judo literature highlights the difference between Kano’s philosophy of martial practice, and those of virtually all the other modern martial art titans. Kano believed that ki as well as enlightenment and understanding would follow as a natural result of rigorous training in Judo. A modern proponent of Aikido, on the other hand, would argue that technical proficiency follows the development of Ki. Kano’s interpretation reflects the more classical approach of the Taoist philosophers; experience is the key to understanding; and not the other way around. …. Experience, not discourse, is the underlying philosophy of Tao. Kano’s attitude reflects this classical approach: Judoka practice randori to develop Ki.’ Randori is a Japanese term meaning ‘free practice.’

Wing Chun (‘glorifying springtime’) is a Chinese martial art. It is one of the most popular forms of Kung-Fu. This martial art was named after a woman known as Yim Wing Chum by her husband Leung Pok To in tribute to her superior skills as a martial artist. Yim Wing Chun was taught her art in the late 18th century by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui. Wing Chun has three basic exercises: 1) siu nium tao (“little idea”/”minimal attention” form), which teaches the basic movements, and how to generate lim lick (mind power); 2) chum kiu (“to find the bridge” form), which teaches the integration of the upper and lower body movements and how to join one’s partner; 3) biu jee (“shooting fingers” form), which teaches attacking techniques, and how to generate energy in one’s limbs as needed or desired. Wing Cun practitioners, too, use and develop the ki energy. In an article titled ‘The soft force of Wing Chun’, written by Kris Eckert, we read as follows: ‘The essence of wing chun, from its inception, has been in the development of soft, yet penetrating force. All the movements, without exception, can be performed effectively by a small woman against a larger, stronger opponent. This kind of soft, feminine force does not come from hard external training. It is acquired through repetitive, precise positioning of the body. The positions and techniques are always practiced in a calm and relaxed manner. While the process to achieve this kind of force should be emphatically soft and relaxed, the end result for anyone on the receiving end of wing chun can be quite destructive’ (In Inside Kung-fu, February 1992, p. 52)

Kyudo (‘the Way of the Bow’) is the oldest of Japan’s traditional martial arts. It is a form of archery which is heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism. ‘In kyudo you don’t try to hit the target,” says Japanese Kyudoka Kanjuro Shibata. ‘It’s a matter of precision and discipline: the relationship you have with the bow, the arrow, your body, and your mind. Kyudo is like zazen, but it is standing meditation. When you shoot, you can see the reflection of your mind, as in a mirror. The target is the mirror. When you release, you cut ego. You can see your own mind.’ Kyudo practitioners, too, use and develop Ki energy. Here is what we read on the web site ‘Technique cannot be considered without an understanding of spiritual energy. Neither aspect can function without the other. The acquisition of technique grows with the increase in body-mind awareness to form a harmonious working together of the bow, body and spirit. Balance is taken physically and emotionally from the centre of the body. Unlike a Western bow where the focus is primarily around the shoulders and arms, with the Japanese bow the centre of attention is placed in the region below the navel known as the Tanden. The vitality and energy of the body-mind is generated from this point, creating a sense of centred-ness and well being. Each movement of the shooting is co-ordinated with the breath to flow in a continuity of action which forms an inseparable whole. All the movements for shooting culminate in the full draw when the archer is in every sense, physically and mentally, centred within the arc of the bow. In this condition of the full draw, all the physical and mental balances must be fulfilled to effect a correct release. At the higher levels of practice the archer attempts a release where the expansion of energy reach its highest point and the string is ripped from the glove hand in a spontaneous and natural action. The full draw and the release is the moment where the stability of the archer’s physical, mental and spiritual state is most vulnerable. At this moment the target becomes the mirror of the archer’s soul.’ As you can see, the purpose of Kyudo practitioners is to reach an harmonious spiritual union with the bow and this union can be achieved using and controlling the ki energy which is in them. When this union is achieved, then the archer shoots spontaneously the arrow. A correct shooting therefore is the outcome of finding such union.


A Christian must not practice the martial arts for the following reasons.

● The martial arts are violent, and Christians, being sons of peace, are not called to resort to violence even in defense of themselves, that is to say, Christians are not called to resist their enemies when they are beaten or threatened or robbed: “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic, let him have your cloak also. And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two …. You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven ….” (Matthew 5:38-41, 43-45 – NKJV), Jesus said to His disciples. So Christians, when they are attacked by their enemies, are not called to defend themselves with their hands or foot or with chains or swords or clubs or any other carnal weapon, and thus they do not need to learn any art of self-defense. Christians, by not resisting their enemies, honor the Gospel, for they follow the example of Jesus Christ who humbled Himself not resisting those who persecuted Him, beat Him and crucified Him. And thus they show that they are strong and valiant men in the Lord, even though they appear ‘weak’ to the world. Bear in mind that those who put the above mentioned words of Christ into practice, that is, those who have self-control (and remember that self-control is the fruit of the Holy Spirit), are better than the valiant soldiers who perform great exploits during a war, as it is written: “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city” (Proverbs 16:32 – NKJV).

● The martial arts are based on occult philosophies, which encourage martial artists to develop and use the ki energy, which is an alleged mystical force that pervades the universe. This force is from the devil, the prince of this world, and the demons which follow him, and enables martial artists to perform feats which actually go beyond the outer limits of their personal human capacity. Therefore, anyone who seeks to use this energy is actually using a demonic power, behind which there are wicked spiritual beings, and as a result he is under the influence of these spiritual beings. According to the Holy Scripture, Christians must not give place to the devil (cf. Ephesians 4:27), therefore they must avoid all practices that are rooted in occult philosophies – which have been created by the devil – lest they fall under the influence of the devil or become demon-possessed. Christians must have nothing to do with such things for their good. Christians are a holy nation, and they are called to desire the powers of the world to come, that is, the spiritual gifts, which are given by the Holy Spirit, who is the third Person of the Godhead. These powers are holy for they come from a holy person, that is, the Holy Spirit. To these powers Christians can resort for they are manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit. By the power of the Holy Spirit signs and wonders can be performed in the name of Jesus Christ, which are useful and wonderful things through which the name of God is praised and the Gospel is confirmed.

● The martial arts encourage the individual to practice a form of meditation whose purpose is to lead to a non-dualistic state of mind in which the distinction between subject and object disappears and the practitioner becomes one with ‘god’ or ‘the absolute’, and so when the individual reaches such state of mind he believes that he is God and that all is God, and therefore this form of meditation advocates a form of self-salvation. That’s why those who practice Eastern meditation think that they do not need to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, because they think that they are able to save themselves. All this contradicts the teaching of the Holy Scripture, according to which there is a clear distinction between God and His creation, and man cannot save himself through his deeds. It is evident, therefore, that Christians must not participate in such forms of meditation, lest they be deceived into believing the above mentioned lies. In addition to this, these forms of Eastern meditation can lead to demon oppression or demon-possession, for through them the individual reaches an altered state of consciousness during which demons can appear to him, talk with him, guide him, give him spiritual powers, and oppress him or even possess him. So, brothers and sisters, flee this kind of meditation. Of course you are called to meditate, but the meditation you are called to practice is not at all like the Eastern meditation, for you are called to meditate on God, on His works, and on His Word, and this meditation will never lead you to think that you are God or that you are one with the universe, nor will it lead you to be oppressed or possessed by evil spirits.

I have proved that the oriental martial arts are harmful, therefore Christians must flee them lest they come under the influence of the demonic powers which are behind the martial arts.

Giacinto Butindaro

About giacintobutindaro

I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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33 Responses to Against martial arts

  1. Sam says:

    I am sorry to see this. I am not Christian, but the martial arts bring me closer to God. I do not think Chi energy comes from the Devil – I think it comes from God. There are many acts done outside human possibilities which are attributed to God as miracles, yet here you attribute all of them to the Devil. Additionally, no one attains the Tao. The Tao literally means the Way and it is about following the path of one’s life. In a way it is equivalent to the Christian conception of God’s plan. We must all find our way within the universe and this is one understanding of that. I know Jesus was violent in the Temple when he upturned tables and chairs at the market so I am not sure why this absence from violence is preached as sometimes it must be used – but as Jesus says, turn the other cheek and all martial artists have been taught to fight only when there is no other option to save your own life or the life of another. Certainly the Christian God would agree to that.

    p.s. along the same lines of your refutation, I refute that Jesus is Christ. I think Jesus was a very important spiritual leader, but as Genesis says to have no idols before God, having a man idolized on a cross seems to betray the commandments from which the religion originates. Just my thoughts about how your beliefs are false as you impugn mine.

    • Sam, you are lost and are going to hell. repent and believe in the Gospel, otherwise you will perish. There is one God, and one way to God, and the way is Jesus the Christ of God. Outside Jesus there is darkness e perdition.

      • James says:

        Your not God, you can’t judge! Only God makes that Call!

      • James says:

        Its also a sin to drink alcohol, and to have mechanical instruments and worship service. Its a sin to covet, lust, lie, kill, by the way you are human, and you sin too. Judge not Judge lest you be judge.

      • tigerlilly289 says:

        To be fair I believe that is a little harsh. It is perfectly reasonable for you to believe that martial arts are wrong. It is your own opinion, a right you have both religiously and politically. However stating that your opinion is fact, along with damning a person to Hell for their opinion seems very brash, and I urge you to reconsider your words. Sam, I am personally a Christian. I believe in God and Jesus, but I agree with you on the fact that Jesus may not have been Christian, in fact, I believe that it is widely taught that Jesus was the King of Jews. However, Jesus was not idolized on a cross, unless you count idolized being nailed to two sticks and slowly bled and starved to death idolized. He had all of this happening while two criminals suffered the same fate, and shortly after having a ring of thorns placed around his head, and having rocks thrown at him. I have a hard time believing that to be idolized. Jesus is certainly idolized now, and many have this idea that Jesus and the cross are something to be idolized, when really the cross caused him great pain. I also partially agree with you about your take on martial arts. In the ideal world, one where there is no suffering, no loss, no pain, one where there isn’t suicide, hunger, terrorism, segregation, sexism, rape, and torture, we would not have to defend ourselves, or anyone else, however Giacto, we also must not persuade ourselves into believing that this world exists, or ever could. The only eventuality in which there is no suffering is one where there are no organisms to suffer. So, in turn, we must learn to defend ourselves. You say that martial artists are violent, and Christians, as brothers of peace should not partake in such atrocity, well I’ll explain the violence of martial arts, and you explain just how the Ku Klux Klan and Anti-balaka are peaceful. Martial arts are ways of defending ourselves from this violent world. Also, Giacto, the next time you write an article, please research not only the inner workings of martial arts, but the background of Christianity, and Christian acts of terrorism. Thank you both for the time spent on this website.

  2. Margarita says:

    Thank tou very much for the useful article. In my country people believe that martial arts are nothing more than physical exercise and encourage their kids to practise them, even christian believers do. I myself practised aikido for a little before I believed that Jesus is Christ. Indeed, when you train in martial arts they teach you about the ki and they expect you to do meditation at every session as a part of the exercises. My children showed some interest in martial arts because there are some courses of martial arts in their schools. I’m going to use the information you’ve provided to show them that martial arts cannot go together with biblical christianity.

    • Jakisa Tomic says:

      I think that social worker should take your kids from you while it is not too late. Otherwise, there is big risk they will become brain washed maniacs like this sick bastard that wrote this article.
      I am from catholic familly and I have great knowledge about christianity. Now I practice Aikido and there is nothing mystical about ki. This person is sick.

      • May God bless you giving you repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, that you may be forgiven and saved from eternal fire. Giacinto Butindaro

      • tigerlilly289 says:

        I beg you not to insult people because of their beliefs. You and I may not agree with what he thinks, but that is not a good reason to call him a sick bastard. I do not find anything particularly alarming in this article, though I was thoroughly outraged at his comment above. My biggest surprise is that Giacinto blessed you after you called him a sick bastard, while he damned the person above for saying that they did not agree with him.

  3. Joshua says:

    I have two issues with your statements in this posting.

    First your definition of all the styles listed looks at them in a strictly spiritual way. While I would agree that tai chi and aikido are fairly spiritual arts some of the others have little to no spirituality involved with them. I have trained in karate and currently train in wing chun. In neither of these arts do you learn to cultivate your chi to do super human feats. I have seen people do amazing physical skills related to the martial arts, but they all involve months and sometimes years of physical conditioning. Breaking bricks and other similar feats are only a matter of training your body to a higher level than the average person. And the force generated in wing chun that allows a small woman to stop a larger man is mostly based on body positioning and angular movement. If you have strong body structure it is possible to not be moved and yet move other things, it is just physics.

    Second I can not agree with the idea that people should not defend themselves. If I were being attacked, knowing martial arts, I am more likely to try to only defend myself and not attack back. But what if my wife were being attacked or raped. Is it my place to be a good Christian and not fight off her attacker. Should she not fight back and let it happen, even if it means losing her life. I feel God would want me to protect myself or my wife it it truly meant life or death. I don’t care how Christian someone is, no one is going to stand idly by and let themselves be beaten to death.

    Take this for what you will. I know I will not change your mind and you will not change mine.

  4. Jen says:

    There is a reason why this was posted… because he is telling the truth. If you are filled with the gifts of God you can see it clearly. I took Goju Ryu Karate for about 20 yrs, mixed in that 20 yrs was some Tai Chi, Mauy Thai and a bit of Shotokan Karate.

    I have been a Christian for about 20 yrs now and my life is better now then ever before. A true martial arts has an unclean spirit that comes into their body and lives there. That is why you will notice that in a dojo you will find all of ppl in a belt level seam to have the same outlook on things. from a brown belt to a black belt a person goes through a spiritual change. The real martial artists know what I am talking about.

    Just stay away from this stuff. Put your trust in God to protect you and not the martial arts.

    • Elder James Hulley says:

      Let’s not be Foolish now we all know what the Bible says. It also say watch, fight and pray. It also say We fight not against flesh and Blood get my point. Then why dose the Bible tell us to put on the whole armor of God.

  5. Stella says:

    I believe Martial arts is demonic and yes people pick up demons when they get involved in it.i am a witness! I personally know someone who is buttling some giant demons like rage, anger,bitterness and pride he has experienced some suicidal thoughts….and has have very dark moments….and nightmares..I am a deliverance minister I cast demons out of people and I know that martial arts looks innocent but spiritually very dangerous……

    • mplo says:

      Stella–what you’re saying about the martial arts being demonic is a load of BS, if I’m permitted to say so. Very few people in Martial Arts act as your friend acts. Chances are that he’s always had problems to begin with.

  6. Zebadiah says:

    Dear Giacintobutindaro,

    You are an extremist. Martial Arts are not evil. I will admit a very small number are very closely tied to non-Christian beliefs in particular styles focused on Chi. Also, I heard of one dojo that had an almost a cult-like feeling/following.

    That being said this does not apply to most dojos and Martial Arts styles.

    Let me pose you a few questions. Is meditating for Martial Arts really evil? What if rather than meditating like the few Martial Artists that actually do this I am praying to God and Jesus. Are all super human feats from borrowing demonic powers? What about the feats Samson accomplished when the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon him? What if when I throw a punch to break a stack of bricks I am praising the lord?

    To go with your logic, boxing, lifting weights, archery, and Krav Maga achieve their results not by exercising, not by practicing set reactions to condition the body, but by demonic means.

    By the way Krav Maga is an Israelite fighting style. I hope you are not extremist enough to say a Martial Art developed by God’s people is based on the son of perdition.

    You are not righteous enough to judge Sam as you did in an earlier post. Jesus has been violent, yet turned the other cheek, and even sacrificed himself in other instances. What this means is Christians should avoid violence not be helpless lambs, ignorant of self-defense. If someone slaps me on the face for no reason, I will ask them why they did that and tell them to stop. If they do it again I will try to get away and call the police. That being said if someone starts viciously beating an old woman in front of me, I will use my martial arts training in the name of God and all that is good and right in the world to make them stop.

    I practice Judo (6 years), I did a little bit of Krav Maga. All my teachers are Christians and we have talked about the Bible several times after training.

    Religious leaders like you are the reason many Americans and Europeans are turning away from Christianity. Jesus told parables to drug dealers, prostitutes, and tax collectors. He didn’t tell them they would go to hell for what they were doing. His messages were of love. To love your neighbors, enemies, and friends, to be kind, to do good to those around you. He changed people through kindness and his example, not by scare them into following personal beliefs like you and many other extremists do.

    As a religious leader you are essentially brainwashing people. I am going to pray for you and all other religious extremists that scare away more people form the path of God than they help.

    May God bless you and open your eyes so you can see that he is everywhere. That he gives gifts to all of humanity not just those who were raised believing in the Bible. That there is good in every human and many of our human studies.

  7. Lee says:

    Oh praise our Heavenly Father for this vital information!!! Thanks much for posting.

  8. Lee says:

    Sam, i really hope you’ve changed within the last 5 years, and no longer deceived by the enemy. Please accept Jesus as the only Son of the God, your saviour, that He was resurrected on the 3rd day, and sits in heaven at the right hand of the Father.

  9. Mike says:

    Actually, the “Ki/Qi/Chi” philosophies of eastern martial arts is scientifically valid. It isn’t a “mystical energy”; put simply, it’s just natural energy. The Zen aspects of martial art that are important for sparring and combative purposes are not religious in any manner whatsoever.
    As to whether or not self-defense is acceptable in the eyes of God:

    Exodus 22:2-3 If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed. If the sun has risen on him, there shall be guilt for his bloodshed.

    Esther 9:1-5 …the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them. The Jews gathered together in their cities throughout all the provinces of King Ahasuerus to lay hands on those who sought their harm. And no one could withstand them, because fear of them fell upon all people…. Thus the Jews defeated all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, with slaughter and destruction.

    Luke 22:36-38 …and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one. For I say to you that this which is written must still be accomplished in Me: ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’ For the things concerning Me have an end. So they said, “Lord, look, here are two swords.” And He said to them, “It is enough.”

    Psalm 144:1 Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

  10. Anders says:

    Zebadiah, I’ve cast out a judo demon out of a Judo student more than once because he would not stop his training. This demon manifested and tried to hurt everyone present until it was attacked with Holy Ghost fire and commanded out by the authority of Jesus Christ. Just because you have not experienced it does not mean it’s not real. Just by bowing to the picture of the Judo founder as many of you do you are effectively replacing Jesus as Lord in your lives with the Judo founder and thereby opening up for what ever agreements this founder has had with demons. When you are using chi or standing in certain postures to prevent yourselves from feeling pain you are opening up for another demon. Don’t mislead others to demon possessions! If you really are a christian you should out of everyone understand that you have no need for martial arts because God and His angels are on your side!

    • tigerlilly289 says:

      Anders, I really found your personal experience intriguing, and I feel that it really feel that it opens a whole new conversation of philosophy up. I would be delighted to discuss this with you.

  11. Anton says:

    I’ve been a Christian for three years. Before that I practiced oriental meditation techniques (mindfulness meditation) In the past I also practiced hatha yoga as a mere physical exercise and for just a few months before I injured my back. I practiced judo for only one year again as pure exercise.
    After my conversion, as I developed health problems, I received on many occasions healing prayer ministry to no avail. Eventually, and by the grace of God, it became apparent I had a spiritual problem and needed deliverance prayer.
    I had to go receive deliverance prayers specific for yoga, martial arts and even acupuncture, as well other occult stuff I did out of ignorance.
    When I received deliverance prayer there were clear demonic manifestations for all of the above.
    My health has been recovering in parallel with the casting out of all those spirits.

    To those Christians who are doing all of these oriental activities and do not believe they’re not compatible with their Christian faith, I would just say to go and speak to anybody in their Church who has both anointing and experience in deliverance and test your beliefs.
    Simple discernment and renunciation prayers in the name of Jesus, prayed in the Spirit, will reveal whether your beliefs are correct. Nothing to loose only to gain.

  12. -Herb Cook says:

    Read psalm 144 vs 1. And then please apologize for all the reading you had me do
    Just pick up your bible and get back with me..thanks…

    • WeaponsEmpty says:

      I believe it is based off the instructor… If they promote eastern mysticism then christians should avoid it. If the divorce the practice from the philosophy there should be fine i got that from Chrisstian research instutute.

  13. Amanda says:

    I just did my senior thesis on whether Christianity and Martial arts can be compatible. For those of you who think they cant be, you are lost. I myself practice Torukukai Aikijitsu. We don’t bow to pictures or meditate. We train for the glory of God. We train for the one percent of the time that we will have to use our Martial arts to protect ourselves or someone else. Psalm 144:1 Says, ” Blessed be the Lord my rock who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war.” There is nothing particularly evil about practicing a form of martial arts. It is what each individual person, each dojo, each Sensei– Which means “teacher of students” NOT lord of Master– does with their training AND how they go about it. As a Christian Samurai, I have to strongly disagree with a lot of the things brought up in this article.

    For example:
    ““While the physical side of martial arts is probably a good form of exercise, and many Christians do participate in martial arts, it may be a dangerous activity to allow the mind to become influenced by the philosophies associated with karate and all other forms of the martial arts.” “A true martial artist has an unclean spirit that comes into their body and lives there.”

    I wrote in my thesis:

    If we are to take the verse above as a literal translation, we must also take verses 29-30 of Matthew 5 as a literal translation and application as well.

    There are two ways we can interpret the command to turn the other cheek.
    The first is to interpret the text literally, asserting that it means exactly what
    it says. This would impose a duty of nonresistance on all men in all
    circumstances. One cannot, however, require the literal acceptance of verse
    38 without also requiring the same of the other verses in that chapter – such
    as verses 29 and 30. Verse 29 reads, “. . .  if your right eye causes you to sin,
    pluck it out,” and verse 30 adds, “. . .  if your right hand causes you sin, cut it
    off.” Taking these verses literally, without qualification, can quickly lead one
    to institutionalized confinement! No. This literal, unqualified interpretation
    seems untenable.

    Another point I brought up: Not only are we free to protect ourselves and others, it is our responsibility to do so. Christian men in particular are called to be called providers, priests, and the protectors of their households. 1 Timothy 5:8 says, “If any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” Part of providing for a family is being ably to provide safety and security. Martial arts provides the ability to do this.

    C.S. Lewis says:

    Does anyone suppose that our Lord’s hearers understood him to mean that if a
    homicidal maniac, attempting to murder a third party, tried to knock me out of
    the way, I must stand aside and let him get his victim? I think it impossible that
    they could have so understood him. I believe the meaning of the words was
    perfectly clear – insofar as you are simply an angry man who has been hurt,
    mortify your anger and do not strike back. If, however, your motives are other
    than egoistic retaliation, then not only are you free to protect yourself and others;
    rather, it is your responsibility to do so.

    The list could go on and on. And it does but this is enough to give you things to think about.
    God bless!

    • Kaushik Sonowal says:

      your are wrongly interpreting

    • Kaushik Sonowal says:

      1 Timothy is for widows elders and slaves…. 1 timothy verse 8 says to provide for the widows if we have any in our relatives or family members not to leave them alone… not to do a karate kick or protect them with such… you are interpreting your own Bible to prove yourself right… but that’s not what The Bible says… read thr Bible correctly!!!

  14. Yochanan Hassan says:

    I do have few problems about your post against Martial Arts . And my problems are all based from the Hebrew Bible .

    1) If Martial Arts is displeasing to Hashem as you said , then would you say that the Patriarchs of Yisrael like Avraham is a sinner just because he armed his 318 men of war to rescue his nephew Lot and his family together with the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 14:1 -14) . For your information , Avraham and his men were trained in warfare which in today’s term is Martial Arts .

    2) I always hear Christians say that Moses give up his knowledge of the Art of Warfare he learnt from the Courts of Egypt after he knows Hashem . If so , who was the one that trained the Children of Yisrael how to fight after they came out from Egypt ? Note that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for over 400 years and they didn’t even have the means and knowledge to defend themselves because the rules of slavery forbids training slaves the Art of Warfare lest they became a threat to their slave masters (Exodus 1:1 – 22) .

    3) You mentioned earlier that if you don’t defend yourself and your loved ones from physical harm , you are honoring the thing which you called “gospel” . Then why did the Scriptures mentioned that if a thief is found breaking in , and is struck so that he dies , there is no guilt for his shed blood (Exodus 22:2) ?

    4) You mentioned that Rabbi Yahushua in which you call “Jesus” says “Turn The Other Cheek” , does it means not to retaliate if you come under physical harm or does it means not to retaliate against an insult (2 Samuel 16 :7 -13) ? Because if you said not to defend yourself from physical harm , then why did Rabbi Yahushua told his followers to sell their cloaks to get themselves swords (Luke 22 :35 – 38) ?

    5) I always hear Christians quoting Matthew 26 : 52 to justify their teachings against Martial Arts . Did Rabbi Yahushua told Kepha to put his sword into his sheath because he was using it in an inappropriate manner ? Or did he told Kepha to throw away his sword and not to defend himself ?

    6) After the Babylonian Captivity , the Yahudim went back to work in rebuilding the walls of Yerushalayim . During the time while they were at work , they were harassed by their enemies . Question : Were the Yahudim armed while doing their work ? Or were they unarmed (Nehemiah 4 : 1 – 18) ?

    7) During the panic caused by Haman’s intrigue against the Yahudim , Did the Yahudim defend themselves (The Book of Esther – Please read the whole book instead of cherry picking verses and passages which supposedly agree with you and ignore the rest that doesn’t agree with you) ? If the Yahudim didn’t defend themselves , how would they protect themselves from being wiped out by Haman’s intrigue ?

    8) If you say that Christians don’t need to defend themselves and their loved ones , why did Rabbi Shaul said that if a person doesn’t provide for himself and those under his household , he has denied the faith and is worse than a unbeliever (1 Timothy 5 : 8) ? Note that it includes the sense of security for the believer and his household .

    We are living in a world where there’s violence everywhere . Murders , Rapes , etc etc . I want to ask you a simple question . Imagine your daughter is raped because she didn’t defend herself from being raped , how would you feel as a father ? Or if your son is being bullied in school day in and day out and one day you received a call from his school telling you that your son is in coma just because the bully beat him up to a bloody pulp and your son didn’t defend himself , how would you feel as a father ? If you say that it is the will of G-d , as far as I’m concerned , you have failed aas a father . I hereby throw a challenge to you . If you say that you don’t need to defend yourself from physical harm , then you leave all your house doors and windows open and unlocked everyday 24/7 . If you know criminology , you will know an open door to a house is an open invitation for any Tom , Dick and Harry to do something to your house . Just like a person who is unarmed and defenseless .

  15. tigerlilly289 says:

    This is a very interesting and informative view on martial arts. I personally practice Tae Kwon Do, and would be very curious to see your views on the connection between that particular martial art and Christianity.

  16. ccdev says:

    For those misinformed people who say that all martial is all about fighting, i believe aikido (even if it uses internal power) must be OK cause it’s about finding harmony with your opponent, and is to be practiced with love and harmony even though half the time people can’t do it cause it’s too difficult. people find it easier to destroy than to control. This is something that the MMA/UFC people with their brute strength win-at-all-cost-mentality would never realize . O’Sensei (founder of aikido) said that the practise of aikido was to unite the world. How can an art of peace be about devil worshipping?

  17. ccdev says:

    I’m reminded by something Jay Gluck wrote in Aikido Journal a couple years ago. There’s footage of Osensei tossing around some MP’s on a rooftop. At on point, they surround him, and when they come to get him, he just calmly walks past them. I love the still from this, because you see all these guys really obviously focussed on the center of their circle. But Osensei is casually standing off to one side. So Jay Gluck, who I believe was the camera operator, wrote that he showed this film to a missionary in Japan, who was put in mind of an episode in the New Testament when Jesus went to preach in His home town. In His usual way, He pretty much pissed off the locals, and they picked Him up and took Him out to the edge of town to dump Him off a cliff. Except when they got there, He just turned around and walked away. Apparently, Jay told this to Osensei, who said something along the lines of “of course. He was one with the divine and would have known Aikido instinctively.”

  18. Zack says:

    The only the thing you’ve proven is your astounding ignorance. Bless you, brother.

  19. J. says:

    What really disturbs me to no end is that the so-called churches, those who profess to follow Yeshua, are bringing these practices into the congregations and are promoting Eastern mysticism, paganism, etc. in their various forms as part of their “programs” and traditions. And, of course, most of the congregations are too lazy to do their research and learn the roots of these things, and are also ignorant of Scripture, and are disobedient. This is a formula for destruction. May YHWH wake everyone up.

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