Transcendental Meditation (TM) refuted


The Transcendental Meditation (TM) – which means to ‘meditate on the beyond’ and which has been renamed ‘the science of creative intelligence’ – is a Hindu meditation technique founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (born in India around 1910). After graduating from Allahabad University in 1942 with a degree in physics, Mahesh became the disciple of the Indian religious leader Guru Dev, who instructed Maharishi to devise a meditation technique from the Vedas, which are part of the Hindu scripture. TM is a spiritual Hindu practice which is presented to the Western world as a scientific way of reducing stress and finding peace within oneself. TM is practiced while sitting with the eyes closed, and it involves breath control, concentration and the use of a sound, called mantra, that is repeated mentally in a particular way.

The purpose of the Transcendental Meditation is to unite the meditator with the absolute Transcendental Being, called God by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Who is the God of Maharishi Yogi? Is He the God spoken of in the Bible? No, he isn’t, for Mr. Maharishi affirms: ‘Everything in creation is the manifestation of the unmanifested absolute impersonal being, the omnipresent God’ (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Transcendental Meditation, p. 266); ‘This impersonal God is that being which dwells in the heart of everyone’ (ibid, p. 269); ‘Each individual is, in his true nature, the impersonal God’ (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Science of Being and Art of Living, Rev. Ed. 1967, p. 276). As you can see, according to Mr. Maharishi God is everything and everything is God, man also is God or part of God for he is God in his true nature (this doctrine about God is called pantheism); so his God is an impersonal God. Actually his God is nothing but Brahman which is – according to Hinduism – the ultimate reality: formless, inexpressible, both Creator and all that is created, which comprises both good and evil, life and death, health and disease. The aim of TM, therefore, is to realize one’s essential union with Brahman, that is, one’s inner divinity. When one realizes this union with Brahman, his mind loses its individuality and becomes a cosmic mind, it becomes omnipresent and reaches the eternal pure existence.


Transcendental Meditation is from the devil for the following reasons.

First, because TM’s purpose is to realize one’s essential union with Brahman, that is to say, its purpose is to attain one’s Godhood. Whereas the Holy Scripture teaches that man is just a creature of God and he can never become God or attain Godhood for he is part of God’s creation. God is the Creator, while man is a creature; God is a personal being (who sees, hears, speaks, etc. – and not an impersonal God – so man can know Him, talk to Him, have fellowship with Him) separate from His creation. So man is not to be identified with God. It is evident, therefore, that TM’s is harmful, for it deceives the meditators into believing they are God, and those who believe they are God are God’s enemies for they are full of pride.

Second, because TM’s purpose is to induce the meditator to contact demons (that is, to see demons, to talk with them, to invite them in his life), which are evil spirits which live in the air and are ready to hurt people by oppressing or possessing them. These demons are the Hindu deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Sarasvati, which the meditator is encouraged to invoke by repeating mantras. A mantra is a sound symbol of one or more syllables used to induce a mystical state. It must be passed on by the living voice of a guru and cannot be learned in another way. One need not understand the meaning of the mantra; the virtue is in the repetition of the sound. It is said to embody a spirit or deity (mantras actually are names of Hindu deities that have been used by worshippers in India for thousands of years to obtain the ‘blessings’ of the various gods in the Hindu religion), and the repetition of the mantra calls this being to the one repeating it. Thus the mantra both invites a particular being (demon) to enter the one using it and also creates the passive state in the meditator to facilitate this fusion of beings. Therefore mantras are not meaningless sounds that bring about deep rest, as TM teachers say to the meditators, but words addressed to demons which are invited to enter the meditator. Hear what brother Rabindranath R. Maharaj, who was a guru before his conversion to Christ, experienced while repeating mantras during his daily transcendental meditation: ‘After the idol had been bathed and worshiped, we would all gather at about 5:30 A.M. to hear the Vedas read aloud in Hindi; then we would spend two or three hours in meditation. The first mantra assigned to me was Hari OM Tat Sat. The Brahmacharya would always begin his meditation with the repetition of the single word OM. The highest vibration and the most difficult to pronounce, like all mantras OM must be taught by a guru. In the Vedas it is said that: ‘On the lotus …. Brahma began to think: ‘By what single syllable may I be able to enjoy all desires, all worlds …. gods …. Vedas …. rewards….? He saw this OM …. allpervading, omnipresent …. the Brahman’s own symbolic syllable …. With it he enjoyed all the desires of all worlds, all gods, all Vedas …. all rewards, all beings …. Therefore the Brahmin who, desiring whatever he wants, fasts three nights, sits on sacred grass facing east, and repeats this imperishable OM, for him all objects are realized and all acts are successful’. Nothing was more important than our daily transcendental meditation, the heart of Yoga, which Krishna advocated as the surest way to eternal Bliss. But it could also be dangerous. Frightening psychic experiences awaited the unwary meditator, similar to a bad trip on drugs. Demons described in the Vedas had been known to take possession of some Yogis. Kundalini power, said to be coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine, could produce ecstatic experiences when released in deep meditation – or, if not properly controlled, it could do great mental and even bodily harm. The line between ecstasy and horror was very fine. For that reason we initiates were closely supervised by the Brahmacharya and his assistant. During the daily meditation I began to have visions of psychedelic colors, to hear unearthly music, and to visit exotic planets where the gods conversed with me, encouraging me to attain even higher states of consciousness. Sometimes in my trance I encountered the same horrible demonic creatures that are depicted by the images in Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, and other religious temples. It was a frightful experience, but the Brahmacharya explained that it was normal and urged me to pursue the quest for Self-realization. At times I experienced a sense of mystical unity with the universe. I was the universe, Lord of all, omnipotent, omnipresent’ (Rabindranath R. Maharaj with Dave Hunt, Death of a Guru, Hodder and Stoughton, Great Britain 1986, pages 56-57); ‘Often while I was in deep meditation the gods became visible and talked with me. At times I seemed to be transported by astral projection to distant planets or to worlds in other dimensions. It would be years before I would learn that such experiences were being duplicated in laboratories under the watchful eyes of parapsychologists through the use of hypnosis and LSD. In my Yogic trances most often I would be alone with Shiva the Destroyer, sitting fearfully at his feet, the huge cobra coiled about his neck staring at me, hissing and darting out its tongue threateningly’ (Ibid., page 75). As you can see, TM is very dangerous, it is the doorway to the occult. There is no doubt that through TM people can become demon-possessed or demon-oppressed. A former TM Initiator has stated: ‘I have seen meditation effects ranging from insomnia and headaches to more serious problems such as dissociation, involuntary jerks and twitches, and hallucinations. I even know of people who have needed to be institutinalized; they had no history or symptoms of mental illness prior to their involvement with TM’. So brothers and sisters in the Lord, beware of TM!

Now let me explain to you what the Bible says about meditation. A Christian must meditate, for the apostle Paul says: “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things” (Philippians 4:8 – NKJV). How does a Christian know which things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, excellent and praiseworthy? By the Holy Spirit who dwells in him. He is truth. For instance, the Holy Spirit testifies that the Holy Scripture (that is, the Bible) is truth and so he must meditate on it; the Holy Spirit testifies also that the heaven, the earth and the sea and all that is in them is the work of God’s hands which testifies to His eternal power and Godhead, so it is good for a Christian to meditate on the work of His hands. Why must a Christian meditate on the things spoken of by Paul? In order to please God and to keep having fellowship with Him. A Christian must not meditate on these things in order to become one with God nor to come to the conclusion that he is God, for he knows that he is and always will be a creature of God separate from His Creator. A Christian knows that no matter how long he meditates on what is right and good, he will never become God nor will he come to the conclusion: ‘I am that Being who created all things’, for the Holy Spirit will keep him from thinking these evil thoughts. Rather we can say from experience that the biblical meditation will lead the Christian to realize that he is a worm, a weak and little being, so little and full of limitations in the sight of His Creator who fills and rules the universe. Therefore the biblical meditation will lead him to humble himself before God and not to exalt himself. The Christian, while meditating, can call upon the Lord, thank Him and praise Him; he has no mantras, that is, no magical formula to use, but only thanksgivings and praises which come out of his heart spontaneously. And these words make him feel, by the Holy Spirit who is in him, in close communion with His God, they make him feel His presence in a particular way in certain circumstances.

Giacinto Butindaro

About giacintobutindaro

I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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14 Responses to Transcendental Meditation (TM) refuted

  1. quanita says:

    FYI … Transcendental Meditation as taught by teachers qualified by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi does NOT mean to “meditate on the beyond”… involves transcending the whole process of thinking, to experience that which is beyond any relative. There one does not meditate “on” anything. One directly experiences the self-illuminant absolute—the eternal unity of the trinity. Transcendental Meditation does NOT involve”breath control, concentration “. Whatever “Rabindranath R. Maharaj,” was practising it was NOT Transcendental Meditation.

  2. Randolph Schreiner says:

    Meditation makes people crazy. The people who teach it are crazy, too. Even though they would argue that they alone know the truth so follow the path and see. Living with Jesus is simple and so much better. He guides us along in life rather then asking us to close our eyes,

  3. Sophie says:

    I did not know the hidden dangers behind TM and naively believed that it was just science, not religion. I grew up going to a Presbyterian church and I have always believed in God and accepted that he was my Savior but have wavered in my faith, becoming so discouraged at times and not attending church nor reading the Bible for many years, on and off. All the New Age stuff seemed so innocent and I began reading some of the books and believing in the talk about “energy forces” and good spiritual beings, in addition to still believing in God, which I know sounds crazy.
    Less than a year ago, I signed up for TM, not knowing the darker side of it. Luckily, I never was very consistent in my meditation and though I attended a few checking meetings, I had missed most of them because it usually fell on a night I had weekly obligations on. If I had to count how many times I actually meditated, I’d say it was probably less than twenty times, total, if that.
    But I still worry if I opened myself up to anything evil. I had been searching for ways to cope with stress and depression in my life at the time I was reading New Age books and looked into TM but this is the one time I’m glad my being challenged at keeping up a daily routine, failed.
    I am still dealing with lots of stress and depression in my life and I don’t know if it’s just an accumulation of all the stress and string of disappointments over the years and recent months, but I feel a heavier oppression to my depression that I don’t think was there, before learning and doing TM. As I’ve said, I have not meditated regularly but my days these last few months have been so filled with heaviness and heartache. I wake up with overwhelming sadness and while it eases a bit after I’m up, it’s so difficult to get through the days.
    I am going to see a counselor at church soon and I’m hoping they will be able to help me. It may be that I will need medicine too so I will probably make an appointment with a secular doctor as well.
    Now, knowing what I know about TM (and things like Yoga), the mantra I was given echoes in my mind, though I wish I could forget it. How do I not think about it? It’s funny that I wasn’t even thinking about the mantra all this time (other than when I was meditating) but now that I know the evils behind it, it seems to come to my mind, like a song that sometimes pops into your head and you can’t get out.
    What should I do? How do I know if I have unknowingly opened up doors I never meant to?
    I would be so grateful to get your feedback.

    • Nikki Moore says:

      I would confess the use of TM as sin, to God our Father, and I would renounce it to break Satan’s legal ties in your life. Once that’s done, then I would meditate on the word of the Lord, choosing scriptures that remind you of God’s cleansing of you, his power in you, his power to keep you, his truth. TAKE HOLD of the Lord God of Israel through his Son Jesus Christ, and BELIEVE in His name, as the scripture says. What does that mean, to believe in His name? To believe in everything that his name means … everything that his name tells you about him. E.g. Emmanuel means that God is with us. Anointed/Messiah, that He is the one who SAVES you. That he is the bread of life, your sustenance. That he is your peace, that he is your truth etc etc – constantly remind yourself of who your God is, and the position/standing that He has given you as in Ephesians chapter 1. Greater is HE (God) that is in you, than he that is in the world (satan). Do not ascribe more power to satan in your mind than he actually has. I hope that helps.

    • deva says:

      be in The word. Pray, fill yourself with the Holy Scripture, seek God. Wear the Armor of God and fight it!

    • Sara Honeycutt says:

      Hello, Sophie – came across your post, can go into this in detail with you if you get a notification about my post here. That heavy oppression and depression is from an oppressive spirit, as you rightly felt it to be, and you can bind it and cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ: “ I bind you, oppressive spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, and I command you to leave me right now in the name of Jesus.” Pray to the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit for strength and protection before you pray that prayer – be prayed up, and to do a little fasting beforehand helps it – you may need to say the binding and casting out prayer as many times as is necessary at the time, holding a Bible for your sword is good if you like. Do not be afraid, and stand in the authority and your complete trust in Jesus Christ for your life.
      I am freed from a 12 year long severe chronic illness this way, plus bipolar and that exact heavy frightening depressive spirit you are talking about. I’d been involved in new age and meditation extremely devoted for 30 years and helped run a Hindu ashram previous to this.
      To the other posters and viewers here who doubt this – I totally understand your defensiveness and I know how painful and humiliating it is to have to leave behind all these other ways we have relied upon and developed for so long. But my friend, they will not save your life. And they will not get you to where you want to go, nor where you thought you were going. Jesus Christ really is the way, the truth, and the life, just like he said. May the Lord bless you by impressing this upon your truth-seeking hearts.

  4. “Rather we can say from experience that the biblical meditation will lead the Christian to realize that he is a worm, a weak and little being, so little and full of limitations in the sight of His Creator who fills and rules the universe. ”

    This sentence seems more influenced by malevolent forces than anything. Why would any Supreme god want humans to think they are weak and limited? What kind of twisted love does that sound like? Anything that makes you feel small and weak, discard immediately!
    Source wants us strong, independent, loving … anything else is made to install fear, which is the true doorway to lower forces…

  5. Koketso Mokgara says:

    Hi Sophie it’s very simple since well in the very beginning you didn’t even believe in this as you never mentioned your mantra. Now all you need to do is give your life to Jesus He is the only way, the truth and the life, he’s the Son of the living GOD who came on earth to save us from the world of sin, you need to believe in Him and God the father. Confess your sins and repent (ask God to forgive all your sins), believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day Read (Romans 10 verse 9 to 11), ask God to cleanse and wash you (spiritually) and purify you. Then you’ll be a child of God, the journey now starts you’ll need find a church where you’ll fellowship with other children of God, study the word of God and pray, make sure that you surround yourself with believers who are on the same mission as you, God is willing to help you and I Wish you all the best and success in your path with the LORD.

  6. matt jones says:

    Your ignorance is astounding

  7. Paolo Bano says:

    Vorrei corrispondere con Rabindranath. È possibile avere un recapito? Grazie. Paolo Bano

  8. Nikki Moore says:

    I learned TM around the year 1999 – the people who taught me outright LIED to me when I asked if it was religious. They said that it was just a method of producing inner calm and peace that would help me live my life better. Later on, when I found out that the mantra they had given me was the name of a Hindu goddess and that my repetitve use of the mantra during meditation was actually an INCANTATION of that goddess, and that the words they said in Hindi in the initiation ceremony were actually a PRAYER, bowing at the lotus feet of blah blah blah – I was FURIOUS. I contacted them and they would not refund the money I paid, to the tune of $1000 NZ dollars. They are deceivers, because their religion is deceptive, because the father of their religion is Satan, whom Jesus Christ said is a liar from the beginning. And Jesus was right, as He is about everything, because HE is the ONE TRUE GOD.

  9. Eric Bäck says:

    TM’s purpose is not to unite with Brahman but to provide a technique for relaxation and dealing with the stresses of life.

    Tm’s purpose is not to contact demons. It is a distraction technique; an alteration of attention that allows one to escape the racing thoughts that characterize modern life.

    TM does not help one become divine. It helps one decrease daily levels of cortisol, lower blood pressure, and respond positively to stress. It does not prevent one from being a Christian, being born again, or pursuing a life of discipleship. I’m not sure why there is such an agenda against this valuable technique to dealing with the stress of contemporary life.

  10. Jim says:

    Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

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