Daniel ‘the lion’

Daniel ‘the lion’ visits an Assembly of God church to introduce his programs on confidence. How can a church allow such a worldly and carnal show? There is no fear of God in this church.

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I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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3 Responses to Daniel ‘the lion’

  1. altonwoods says:

    I watched the video, and while it’s not exactly the program I personally might’ve imagined to teach kids about confidence; I don’t see anything about it that would merit your statement about the church that held it. The words of the song said some important things that I believe people need to hear! Why so critical?

    • I am so ‘critical’ for i believe that these shows are not fit for the saints, we must seek holiness, and i do not see holiness in this video, but only worldliness. Besides, remember that the end does not justify the means, for in the Kingdom of God there is a law that commands us to abstain from all appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

  2. altonwoods says:

    I didn’t see any evil…It’s a very big world full of many diverse cultures, and God is much,much,bigger than the box we like to try and confine Him to. There are so many outright evil things in this world, but you see fit to jump on a childrens mission program as being “evil”?

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