Granger Community Church likes to play games like Simon during church

Granger Community Church audience plays Simon on 50 foot screen as part of the Viral Effect weekend series. Participants used light sticks in the dark to follow prompts on the screen.
This shows very clearly what many Christians have become: worldly. They do not seek holiness, but have immersed themselves in worldly amusements.



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I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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2 Responses to Granger Community Church likes to play games like Simon during church

  1. Zachary Pontius says:

    I attend this church, have you been there? Christ came in “HIS day” and turned the “Religious world” upside down. The pharasies were so caught up in tradition they were completly missing the plan of salvation. It is not about becoming worldly, but about men forcfully taking hold of the kingdom. How do you reach people enslaved in sin? Is it by ” being holy”? Or do we who are mature adapt, bring in the unbelievers, teach them the error of thier ways, show them a new path and then help them to become holy? The cross is a clear picture of Christ metting us where we are and then showering us with grace. In HIM we who were sinners will be made complete. Did not GOD the holy of holies become “worldly” Live in the flesh to save you and I. HE left the riches of heaven and jumped head first into a garbage pit. Just think if HE had not done this we would be doomed to hell.

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