The Lord resurrected me to life

1. An interview with Boris – an officer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukraine.

Who he was before his death.

INTERVIEWER: – I introduce to you, Mr. Boris Pilipchuk, 36 years of age. Please, Boris tell us about yourself a bit.
BORIS: – I am an officer, a Senior Lieutenant in the police force. I worked as a strategic duty officer in one of the operation sections of the police force in Khemlnitskij District of Ukraine. I fought in the Afganistan war. I am married with three children. We live in a village called Novaya Siniavka, in the Starosiniavskij region of Khemlnitskij District.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, I know that you are a Believer. How did you get saved?
BORIS: – I was a strong atheist, but my wife and her parents were Believers and they always wanted me to be saved. One day, on the 16th of September 1996, the Pastor Nikolai Ivashenko, of the Full Gospel Church in the town of Mariopol, came to our village, on a visit to his relatives. My wife asked him to speak to me a bit, but with care, because at that time I was very aggressive, lacked temperance and rude. The training I got from the army left a scar on my character.
When I saw Pastor Nikolai, I thought to myself, “Now, I’m going to teach you a lesson…” However, Nikolai walked up to me and began saying something and suddenly, I began feeling such peace, such tranquillity in my heart, such that I had never experienced since my childhood days. I was only used to giving orders, receive orders and carry them out blindly. I was trained in this sort of environment, in which normal human interaction was so rare. Something on the inside of me was transformed as I listened to the words of Nikolai and when I heard the phrase, “Now, we’ll pray, repeat after me…”. I repeated the sinner’s prayer. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon me and the Lord baptized me in the Holy Spirit. Ever since then, I dedicated my life to serve the Lord.

INTERVIEWER: – How did those around you react to this change in your life?
BORIS: – My mother reacted to all this very indignantly, at the beginning, because she had not known the Lord yet. Later on, opposition at my work place began, they threatened to lay me off the job or demote me, they even went to the extent of trying to make me backslide, but I wasn’t perturbed by this, neither did I worry. Formerly, I would likely have been in a state of confusion…to relinquish my officers rank, simply because of some sort of incident, to me, seemed absurd. God’s Word says, that if you are taken to court, do not be anxious over what to say, for I will speak for you. So not being worried over my fate, I said, “ You cannot do anything to me, because the Lord is with me’. So my superior officers had to condescend to this. Not only did colleagues condescend to this, but they also began listening, with pleasure, to me preach during my break period. I told every one about the Lord, in the hope of at least leading one soul to the Lord. I will not go on to describe what hideous things I did before repentance, because the Lord has forgiven me of all of them. I praise and thank the Lord for this. The Lord forgives every sin, of anyone who earnestly repents.

INTERVIEWER: – You are a serviceman and a Believer. This is very unusual. Do people consider this as being normal?
BORIS: – I tell every one that Jesus Christ is Lord over everyone, and servicemen as well. The Lord loves each and everyone just the same. I have been asked several times, “ How can you serve God, being a serviceman, handling weapons?” The fact is that God’s word teaches us how to serve the Lord.
When John the Baptist baptized people in River Jordan, servicemen came up to him and asked, “What shall we do?” John the Baptist’s reply to that question was such that they should be content with their wages, so that they should no longer complain and so that they wouldn’t go beyond their bounds. There is no place in the word of God where it is written, servicemen should not serve the Lord. On the contrary, we know from the Holy Scriptures that two roman officers repented and that they and all their household served the Lord Jesus Christ. Each and every Believer, has a discrete ministry in God’s sight.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, I can see that you are in perfect health. Before your remarkable ordeal, were you in the same state of health?
BORIS: – Yes. Perfect health is a prerequisite to join the force. It was mandatory for us to undergo routine medical test.

INTERVIEWER: – Please, tell me what happened to you.
BORIS: – I will narrate how the Lord raised me from the dead. On the 27th of July, 1998, I returned home from work, to my village. Something happened to me at that time. I cannot describe what happened to me exactly. I was completely paralyzed and I lost consciousness.
According to my wife’s account, after I lost consciousness, I was rushed to the hospital, to the reanimation unit. Their diagnosis was – Brain haemorrhage. I remained there for several days in an unconscious state. I was transferred to the reanimation unit of the Khelmitskij District Clinic. The doctors continued to fight for my life. However, the heart attack, which was now progressing didn’t leave them with a chance of my survival.

INTERVIEWER: – How serious was your brain haemorrhage?
BORIS: – As I found out later on, the doctor diagnosed a internal bleeding in 95% of my brain. All the equipment and the sensors that were attached to my body, testified of death. In their medical report the doctors diagnosed a haemorrhage that had spread all over my brain, all of the nine tests made confirmed death.

2. Death registered by the Doctors.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, from what you were later on told, after the doctors certified your death, did they immediately call your wife?
BORIS: – Yes, they did and she was not the only person they informed. Actually, what happened was that every 15-20 minutes my colleagues called the hospital to inquire of my health. They were told that I was no longer alive, that I was already dead. At my working place, money was already being collected for my burial, a coffin was already ordered for me, the burial viennese and every other thing necessary for the occasion. In a nutshell, preparation was made for my burial. In my opinion, I think the sudden death of such a healthy police officer was a very stunning occurrence, which took everyone aback. This was clear, from the numerous phone calls to the hospital, from my colleagues.

INTERVIEWER: – Was your wife present with you when you died?
BORIS: – Yes, she was, but she was not allowed in the reanimation room itself. Later on my wife told me, that she constantly prayed to God over my salvation. When the doctors began to desperately fight to save my life, my wife called Pastor Nikolai in Mariopol on the phone. My wife told him what had happened and asked him to pray for me. While he prayed, God told him that the situation would not lead to death, but to the glory of God. He calmed my wife down and told her that a Christian Festival was underway in the town of Mariopol and that all the believers would pray for me. They prayed. During this time, events in the hospital were mounting. The doctors informed my wife of my death and after two hours she was permitted to accompany my body, on the stretcher, to the door of the morgue.

3. Medical information on the possibility of a dead person returning to life

INTERVIEWER: – For an understanding from a clinical point of view, we make reference to a directory of medical publications. In the Concise Medical encyclopedia (published by “Soviet Encyclopedia”, 1974) the following is written: Brain haemorrhage is defined as the disruption of normal blood circulation in the brain, which results in the death of the brain material (Part 1, page 506). Resuscitation of an organism (reanimation) is defined as the restoration of a sudden disruption or total loss of life supporting functions of an organism. Clinical death is the last reversible stage of the death of an organism from the moment breathing and blood circulation cease to the beginning of irreversible changes in the central nervous system, after which death is referred to as being biological. The duration of clinical death depends on the reason that gave rise to the development of a terminal condition, the duration of dying, age etc. In normal temperatures, clinical death extends over a period of 4-6 minutes, after which the restoration of normal activities of the central nervous system becomes impossible.
Reanimation procedures should be started immediately sudden death has been established. It is also recommended not to allow the complete ceasing of breathing or heartbeat. If the heartbeat is not re-established, reanimation procedures are advised to be continued until they prove effective. Signs of effectiveness: Disappearance of cyanosis, noticing of spontaneous gasps (the sooner they begin, the better the prognosis), pulsation of the large blood vessels in accordance with the rhythm of the massage, narrowing of the pupils. If these signs do not appear in 20-25 minute, resuscitation procedures should be discontinued (part 2, page 270-271). I know that doctors have some rules, which can never be violated by any one in any medical establishment. In their rules, a person who is lying in reanimation, in a condition of biological death, should not be there more than 2 hours and only after this the person may be transported to the morgue.
That means that after establishing the fact that Boris was in a state of clinical death, the doctors struggled for 30 minutes to save his life, and after establishing a state of biological death, not less than 2 more hours elapsed, for the period of time he was in the reanimation unit. Meaning that the irreversible processes and death of the brain matter had already begun, seen as the time necessary for resuscitation after clinical death takes about 4-6 minutes. In this case the person couldn’t be more dead. Boris’ death was confirmed by the doctors and by the medical equipment that were connected to his body.

4. “I saw heaven” – Boris

INTERVIEWER: – And now, Boris, tell us how you felt. What did you see?
BORIS: – It felt as if I was conscious, I began seeing with my own eyes, what happened after an internal push in the body. I began seeing everything as if from above. My soul came out of me and looked at my body. Doctors in their white gowns had gathered around my body. Numerous equipment were connected to my body. The doctors tried to bring me to a normal condition, they ran about, and applied all possible measure. But all their effort were to no avail.

Then I began to ascend from the earth. The earth became smaller and smaller. It became so small, and then it disappeared totally. My transportation was accompanied by a continuous whistling in my ears. Then I ended up in an extraordinary place, that was so illuminated, that I began to feel good. I saw a golden staircase, that shone with rays of glory. The staircase was rather wide. On either side of the staircase were golden railings, along which from the end to the top were winged angels in white clothes, with golden belts. Their hair was white, their faces shone so much, like lightning, their eyes were like two lanterns. They had human faces. Their hands and legs were the color of shinning copper chips. On the outside the angels were like humans. Around the staircase and under it, stood a great number of angels, and their number, I simply cannot describe. These were without wings. All the angels were singing psalms. And surprisingly, I did not know, what language they were singing in, but at that moment I completely understood the words of the psalm. They sang: “O worthy are you Lord of all glory and praise. You, Lord, created the heavens and the earth. You are worthy of our praise!”

Then I saw an extraordinary light at the end of the staircase. But the light wasn’t like that of the sun or of welding instrument, which has a harmful effect on the eyes. The light was extraordinarily bright, but did not hurt the eyes, warm, calming, full of joy and peace. I was full of delight, to such an extent that mere words cannot describe how I felt. My delight continued to increase and there was no limit to the joy I felt. I don’t know how to describe this vision, this feeling, in words, but I would like you to imagine the picture the Lord showed me. Later on, I heard a voice, coming from the place where the wonderful light was, which said: ‘My son, come to me and I will show you something. I will help you”.

From the great number of angels, two angels walked up behind me. One stood on my left and the other stood on my right, just a short distance from me. I didn’t turn my head around, I didn’t look behind me and I didn’t gaze around me, but it appeared as if I could see 360 degrees about me. I wasn’t nervous and didn’t feel any form of discomfort. I was absolutely calm and so joyful to extent, that I cannot describe how I felt, not then and not now. I didn’t ask anyone any question, such as ‘where am I?’ ‘What happened to me? What’s going to happen later on?’ I felt completely confident in myself, as if I was standing in a familiar place. I felt as if I lived there permanently.

Then the Holy Spirit, transferred me to a vast open plain, in which very beautiful white horses pranced. In the center of the field, stood a great big city, in the form of a cube. When I noticed it, I began to draw close to it. But I approached it in a different way, not as a man normally walks on the ground. I moved without my feet touching the ground, it was as if I was sliding. The angels escorted me. The closer I approached the city, the more intense was the delight I experienced, from what I saw.

There were very high walls, which were multiple in number and of various colors. There were 12 colors in all, which radiated and shone like a bright light. (Later on, after my resurrection, when I studied the 21-22 chapter of the book of Revelations in the Bible, I found a confirmation of what I had seen). I saw the foundation of the city, which was made up of 12 precious stones of this world. I saw a pearl gate, three on each wall. The pearl gate was very big, higher than two meters. I didn’t measure them, but one pearl was larger than two meters, in my opinion. I saw only six gates, because the Lord led me into the city through one of its corners. I saw the two sides of the cube. Then the Lord led me through one of the gates into the city, as we passed through them, I saw two inscriptions. One of them was above the gate and the second was under the gate. One of the names of the tribes of Israel was written above the gate, and under it the name of an Apostle was written. Unfortunately I do not know which gate the Lord led me through, into the New Jerusalem, but now I would like to know that.

When I entered into the city through the gates, I stood still in admiration: The city was made completely of gold. The gold was so pure and I had never seen such brilliance before. I had seen how brightly gold articles in a jeweller’s store shone, but this was not comparable, to what I saw at that moment. Gold streets, houses of gold, gold doors – everything was made of gold, transparent like glass. I could never have imagined that gold could appear transparent and so pure. I read about this in God’s word, but I could not really imagine it, to me this issue was concealed. I just couldn’t imagine how a hard metal could be transparent. Now that I saw it, I just wanted to touch it. I touched the walls, I entered some houses and scrutinized everything. I did not ask the angels, where I was to go from here. I seemed to know the way. I was overcome with such a feeling as if I was in a place of my own.

As I continued my way further into the city, close to the center, I saw a large tree in one spot. The tree had pear-shaped fruit on it. The size of the fruit was about the size of two average sized fists put together. The leaves on it reminded me of the leaves of a lime tree, only they were larger and like leaves of burdock. When I got near the tree, I wanted to take a fruit from it and began to reach for one. Suddenly with enthusiasm, I was surprised that the hand that I stretched out, was not like an ordinary hand, it was transparent. When I was about to pluck a fruit, the angel who stood a little distance behind me, on my right side, stretched out his hand and stopped me. Gesticulating with his finger, he told me that for now, I shouldn’t pluck the fruit. Then something I didn’t expect took place: Without any form of regret, disappointment from the angel’s action, I left the tree. Generally speaking, within the city, I never experienced any kind of discomfort, or disorder.

When I left the tree, I saw an extraordinary bright light at the center of the city. It was very interesting that I didn’t see any shadow not from the trees and not from the houses. There were no shadows there and neither were there any lamps. I didn’t see the sun nor any object that gave light, but the light was extraordinary bright and so pleasant to the eyes, to the extent that I was so delighted beyond measure. I cannot adequately describe in words, the extra unusual condition of my soul…

When I saw the center of the illumination, I bowed my head and felt an overwhelming urge to bow my knees. But the angel supported me and I heard a voice, “ My son, I have shown you all that is necessary for you at this time, and you should return now, to declare My Glory, power and dominion, to declare all that you have seen and heard”. Then I began to pray and implore the Lord, asking Him to let me remain there, where I was. I cried, “Lord I don’t want to return”. But the Lord said, “You have a wife, and three children. You have to return to them, for it is not time for you to be here yet”. Then again I began to implore the Lord, ”Lord, I don’t want to return. Allow me to remain with beside You”. But the Lord said to me,” My Son, be meek and self-controlled, do not murmur, go back. You have to declare My Glory”.

5. Panic among the hospital staff.

BORIS: In the blink of an eye, I moved in space over such a distance, that I saw the earth to which I was now approaching. As I approached I saw the next scene: My body was being taken by the hospital staff on a stretcher to a room where bodies of people were kept. Some of the bodies had incisions made on them. I understood they were taking me to the morgue. In other words, looking from above, I only saw how they were taking me, I didn’t see precisely that they were taking me, because the body was covered with a cloth, only the feet could be seen. When I saw my weeping wife accompanying the stretcher, I understood I was the one being taken. One of the hospital staff was comforting her, trying to tell her not to grieve over the incident and tried to prevent her from entering the room where they were taking the body on the stretcher. I saw this as if from above. I understood that I was brought to the morgue. When the doors ahead of my wife were closed and the stretcher with my body on it was already in the room, people began to move away. These were the orderlies and nursing sisters who brought me to the morgue, who were comforting my wife.

When I saw all this, I felt a clap or more precisely a jolt and immediately, I entered into my body. At that instance, I felt the blowing of wind, an enormous force, which flung the doors, through which my body was brought in, open. This force tore the doors off their hinges and they dropped to the floor and the force pushed the trolley with the body out of the morgue. After this I got up. The upper part of my body sat up on the trolley and the cloth fell off my body. The orderly slipping along the sides of the wall, fell and so did the nursing sister as well. Both of them lay there in a state of terror. Another nursing sister came and when she saw me sitting up, went into state of shock. The same supernatural power made the trolley on which I sat, to stand up right, vertically, and I stood vertically on the ground with my feet. Then the trolley fell to its normal position and rolled back in to the morgue.

I wanted to go but could not. My body did not respond. I experienced such a feeling, as if I was not in my own body. Then I began to pray, because my senses were returning to normal. I saw everything, I recognized everything, I heard everything, but I did not recognize the voice I heard, it drawled. The feeling was as if an audio tape was playing at a slower speed than normal. At that instant, I began to call upon the Lord, for the Lord gave me strength to walk. When I finished praying, I felt a great outpouring of energy. I felt as if the hairs on my head were falling off and a thousand needles pricked my forehead. I received such an outpouring of energy, that I felt as if my feet were in asphalt. I felt warmth and a great power, from my head to my feet. I began to walk as the Holy Spirit led me, in the direction of the doctor’s room, where all the doctors were seated. Unconsciously I had perfect orientation of the hospital’s layout, seen as I had been here on several occasions as a serviceman.

My wife fell down on her knees, thanking the Lord, because he had resurrected me to life. When she came to herself, she took a cloth and ran after me, to cover my nakedness, because I was completely naked. As I continued walking on, the hospital staff all ran in various directions screaming out. Some of them fell down, while others shut themselves in the wards. My wife caught up with me just as I was approaching the doctors room and wrapped the cloth about me. I reached the doctors room and with a gentle push, opened the door of the room. Later on, I Learned that the room was locked with a key by the doctors, and cupboards were placed behind the door from the inside to prevent entry into the room. The door opened before me with such ease. The power of the Lord opened that door.

When I entered the room, some of the hospital staff were in a state of terror, while in the corner, other staff were frantically shouting out, “who are you, what do you want from us? Let us alone!”

I calmed them down and said, “Don’t be afraid, give me some clothes.” Looking in their faces, I saw they were stone cold with fear and indescribable horror, I understood there was no sense in explaining my resurrection to these poor doctors frightened to death. Whatever I would have told them, all the same they wouldn’t listen to me. The only thing they could hear was the pounding of their hearts. I repeated, “Give me my clothes and I’ll go home”. The doctors allowed me to leave quickly, because they were in such a state of terror because of my presence. When I came out of the doctors room, I stood a while in the corridor and surprisingly, my first four steps left something like a print of water behind, although I was completely dry and the cloth about me was also dry! I dressed up. My wife called a car on the phone, and we went home.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, I can imagine the panic and shock of the doctors, when they saw you. What they saw, definitely did not conform with the training they underwent in medical school or with what they came across in their medical practice. It’s clear that it wasn’t death that scared them, because they encounter that everyday. Your resurrection back to life is simply not comprehensible to the human mind. It’s a fact and everyone knows that blood clots in a closed space of the brain, couldn’t possible go anywhere and what more considering the degree of the haemorrhage – 95%. There couldn’t possibly have been any mistake. After a futile struggle to save your life, your death was confirmed. All the medical equipment connected to your body, confirmed this fact. You were dead in their presence long enough, about 2 hrs and 30 minutes. After that you were taken to the morgue . The irreversible process in the central nervous system had long taken place. And it turned out that the dead man, didn’t just breath, but walked in on his feet and even spoke normally. In actual fact, doctors understand how difficult and how much time is needed in reanimation, for a patient to recover, who has suffered from brain haemorrhage. The doctors did not expect such a miracle.
And what more, the resurrection was accompanied with such power of the Holy Ghost, to the extent that the doors were torn from their hinges and they fell to the ground with such a noise. The trolley rolled out of the morgue, over turned and then rolled back into the morgue. All this happened in the presence of the medical staff. The news of your resurrection had already preceded you. The doctors had already locked themselves in the doctors room and barricaded the door. The door being opened by the power of the Holy Ghost was something they just could not comprehend. They were in such a state of fear. The events that took place were just too incredible for the normal human mind to comprehend…

6. Stunned co-workers.

INTERVIEWER: And so, we stopped at the point where you were going home in a car. What happened next?
BORIS: I was on my way, in complete health in the front seat of the car. Along the road, within our district, we happened to drive up to a road warden, a vehicle inspection officer, with whom I incidentally happened to work with. When he saw me, he slumped to the ground. He sat on the ground for a long time stunned. My wife asked me to get out and tell him, “everything is OK, and that I am alive”. I said, “I won’t do that, because, he may end up dying out of fear”.
The driver that drove us had to drive into town for some personal matters, he quickly attended to them. We continued our journey into the village, and a police officer, whom we happened to drive past in his car, increased his speed and caught up with us, in order to get a better look at me, to make sure I was really the one. Seeing me he took off his cap, wiped away the sweat from his face, shrugged his shoulders and drove on ahead.
After I arrived home, literally speaking, within thirty minutes my superior officer came to my house to find out if I was really alive or the police officer who met us along the way was out of his mind. They just couldn’t believe that after all that had taken place, I was not only in reanimation, but also in complete health at home. They couldn’t understand this. When I went out to greet them, they were afraid and began to step back, as if they had seen a ghost. I asked them to have a seat and began to speak to them about my resurrection. They began to nod their heads, but their faces revealed so much fright, that everything I told them, they didn’t believe a word, they didn’t even listen to all that I said. They tried as fast as possible to leave, so that they wouldn’t be around me for long.

The next day when I arrived to work, my superior officer didn’t allow me to commence my duties. He said:

“I can not allow you to work, because after brain haemorrhage and other similar sicknesses, that the doctor’s discovered in you, you ought to have been categorized as an invalid. Considering your death and mysterious resurrection…”

“But do you believe your eyes?” – I asked him.

“I believe”, he said.

“Can you hear me?”

“I can hear you”, he replied.

“Can you see me?” – I continued to ask.

“I can see you” – he said.

“Then pinch me, perhaps you don’t see me well. I am as healthy as you” – I said to him.

“That’s impossible”, he said.

7. Deductions by the Medical Committee – Completely healthy. May carry on service.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, you talked about the reaction of your colleagues. But what about the doctors?
BORIS: – Yes, for two weeks, 15 different medical committees carried out medical checks on me, to determine if I could remain in service. The doctor’s wanted to prove, that at least some side effects should exist. And that it was impossible that everything should just vanish away without a trace. But in all their x-rays and their investigations, testified of complete health only.

A team of doctors, mainly psychiatrists and neuro-pathalogists, came to a common opinion, that I am absolutely well, that I could be admitted on a team of Astronauts. I was allowed to continue my duties as a duty officer in the district police office.

The doctors came to a conclusion, that I am well, however up to this moment in time, all of them are in a state of confusion. As the medical committee was carrying out their duties and the doctors affirmed that I was completely well, they didn’t believe their eyes. Some of them said that if they hadn’t personally fixed the diagnosis, based on the x-rays, cardiographs and many other investigations, they wouldn’t have believed it. How could blood clots, within the brain disappear by themselves without any surgical procedures?

The doctors asked me to keep silent about all this, or else people would think I was crazy. But I know that every lie is a sin, as it is written in God’s word, that all liars will have their part in the lake that burns with fire…”, and that they will not inherit the Kingdom of God. I told the doctors: “For the very reason I stand on the earth, after all that has happened to me, doesn’t give me the right to remain silent. For as it is written in God’s Word, that if you remain silent, than “stones will sing out”. They replied: “Well, that’s your own business. We will not record your resurrection”.

But the doctor that treated me, passed the diagnosis and later certified death all repented. They all accepted the Lord Jesus as Savior.

I would like to say something in addition, that God doesn’t only resurrect a person, in order to leave him crippled. He resurrected me to life and gave me complete healing.

I affirm this statement that God – is not an abstract being. He is a personality, who spoke with me. He is real and heaven is real.

8. What was all this about?

INTERVIEWER: – I address the Senior Pastor of the Word of Faith Bible Church, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, to kindly comment on what happened to Boris.

PASTOR SUNDAY ADELAJA: – It’s a sensation to know that a person is resurrected to live in our days! When people hear about this, then the first thing that comes to their mind, is that this can not be. Once dead, always dead. On the contrary, this was either clinical death and the doctors were able to resuscitate the person to death or an exaggeration – and people would say, “ there was no death recorded in actual fact; this is just fiction. In short, any other thing may have happened, but not resurrection and what more… what God? This is just fiction! We are intelligent people and we can not be deceived”. This is the typical way most people think.

But do not be in a hurry to draw a conclusion. By investigating and thinking over the matter, let us discuss what the Bible talks about God and resurrection.

Scientists have already come to a conclusion, that the Bible contains historical facts. The existence of Jesus Christ as a historical personality, now no one disputes this fact. The teachings of Jesus Christ and His works confirm to us that He is the Son of God, that He is God Himself. This was confirmed by signs and wonders (read the New Testament). He has been given all power in heaven and on earth (Mat. 28:18; Job 42:2).

In the Bible, cases of people being resurrected are recorded. Skeptics say, “But all this happened in the time of Jesus, Jesus Himself did this, God Himself”. But in the word of God, it is written that the Lord does not change, that He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8).

When we talk of something ideal, it means that that thing can not be further perfected. God is perfect (Mat. 5:48) and therefore He does not change. So what He did before He will do again. His word does not change (Isa. 45:23; Titus 1:2). He is the truth (Jer. 10:10). He is eternal (I Tim. 1:17; Psa. 89:3). He is the Creator of heaven and earth (Gen 1:1; 2:4; Acts 4:24)

The ways of the Lord can not be searched (Isa. 40:28, Rom. 11:33, Job 5:9 Job 11:7) It is difficult for the human mind to fully understand the Almighty God. However, people often evaluate God by their own standards, they try to gain an understanding of how He does what He wants to do. But this is simply illogical on the part of humanity. Man can not compare with God, neither can he understand His ability (Job 11:7, Ps. 144:3).

Believers have a particular problem: They think in this manner, “If I can not understand this, how God does this, then it means that it simply can not be”. But they forget, that studying the laws of physics, they do not argue the fact that they can only see just a narrow spectrum of light radiation, or hear definite sound frequencies etc The limitations of human capabilities is obvious.

Everyone understands, that not every one can become an artist, a singer, a mathematician or a machine operator etc. As an example, not ever one would sit down to play chess with a Grandmaster, having actually evaluating their skill in this game. However, man has the audacity to evaluate God and determine His capabilities. For example, they ask, “Can God resurrect a person?”. People love to criticize God and His work. People even try to question God, that He may not have done something the way expected or He may have done something else incorrectly. That is nonsense! This means that a person judges his Creator and a clay vessel commands the potter saying, “What are you doing?” (Isa. 29:16; 45:9, Rom. 9:20-21).

We are so fascinated over the wonder of creation, however many people deny the wisdom and intellect that are responsible for it. They claim that nature itself is ingenious enough. They conclude that there is no Creator to take the credit for such perfection. However, if you show them a television or a watch, they will say that it was created by an intelligent mind, and did not come about by itself. Now you see the contradiction and paradox of reasoning?

Looking at the Bible, I meditated on the resurrection of Lazarus…Jesus Christ loved Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary (John 11:5,35,36) I thought, why did Jesus sort of delay, knowing that Lazarus was dying? Why didn’t he immediately go to save his friend? Why did He allow his death to occur? Jesus Christ came only after four days, when the body had started to decay already (John. 11:39). I understood that God allowed this for all to be convinced that Lazarus was really dead, so that God’s Glory, Power and Might would be revealed through his death. He showed us that there is nothing impossible to Him.

Listening to the testimony of Boris Pilipchuk, and seeing him absolutely healthy, we see the hand of God in this. God performed a miracle according to His own will…” I will do all that pleases Me”, says the Lord (Isa. 46:10). In these last days the Lord has decided to reveal Himself through man, in this case through Boris. We can not deny the fact of Boris’ resurrection. This took place in our days, just like when the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected Lazarus.

To believe in resurrection is everyone’s personal business. God has given man freedom of choice. Remember when Jesus was raised from the dead, not every one believed. But the fact of resurrection is not dependent on our views. A fact remains a fact. We can obtain eternal life, only if we believe in Jesus and His resurrection. (Jn. 3:36). He is The Way, The Truth and The Life – Jn. 14:6.

I believe that through this testimony many eyes will be opened. People will understand that, that God performs things, that He is alive, Real and the Almighty. They will understand that there is everlasting life that is prepared for us.

“Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” – Isa. 55:1, that is to say, to whom has the Power of the Lord been revealed?

May the Lord bless and reveal Himself to all of you.

INTERVIEWER: – In conclusion, I express my confidence that many who have become acquainted with the testimony of Boris, will be convinced that for God there is nothing impossible and He performs miracles of resurrection in our day.



About giacintobutindaro

I am a minister of the Gospel, living and serving God in Italy
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