A pastor put to death by God

Brother Giacomo Lombardi left the United States of America for Rome, where he could rely only upon some far and weak persons with whom he had made friends during the years of his early youth.

That Servant of God, obviously, did not rely upon the backings and the helps he could find before him or that he could have behind his shoulders, but he relied only upon the glorious help which he could receive from on high.

Once he reached the capital city, brother Lombardi tried to enter into the Protestant Churches for he was convinced that God would manifest the Pentecostal Revival firstly among those who already knew the Gospel. However, his expectation was at least partially frustrated; and he even met a regular and sometimes rude hostility from the leaders of the Churches he visited. Probably some pastors regarded that servant of God as the snarer of their flock; while others perhaps regarded his pretension of preaching the Christian message as the presumptuousness of the man who wants to ascend the pulpit even though he has not a theological training.

After months of vain attempts, the disappointed servant of God was violently cast out by an Evangelical minister, who was tired of seeing him among the members of his own community. Perhaps God had permitted that prolonged and useless effort to teach a precious lesson to the young missionary, for while he was on the threshold of the Church from which he had been expelled (he was pensive and sad) he heard clearly the voice of the Lord resounding into his conscience: ‘Look – God said to him severely – at that wicked man, who is now coming out; within a short time you will no longer see him’.

Lombardi turned in order to see who was that man who was about to come out and he saw the minister who had thrown him out of the temple shortly before.

One week later, that minister, who was too much severe, was taken away from the living.

This testimony may seem negative with regard to the divine love, but it is necessary to consider it in the light of the Revelation which incessantly confirms that God works lovingly even in the manifestation of His severe and terrible judgements.

From: Roberto Bracco, Il Risveglio Pentecostale in Italia, [The Pentecostal Revival in Italy] cited in ‘Risveglio Pentecostale’ [Pentecostal Revival], 1956, n° 11, pages 5-6


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